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Enable the Gusto-StackOne integration
Enable the Gusto-StackOne integration
Written by Guillaume Lebedel
Updated over a week ago

Step 1: Log in to your Gusto Dev account

On the left bar, click on Applications & create your applications

You'll need to set up the Redirect URIs for StackOne, you can use the following URIs:





After that you'll be able to preview your Client Id & Client Secret

Step 2: Log in to your StackOne account

For extra help on getting started with StackOne check out our documentation here:

Step 3: Open the integration configuration for a project

Find the project you want to add the integration to

Open the 'integrations' configuration page:

Step 4: Enabling Gusto for Your Project

Select the Gusto integration to open its configuration view

Enable the integration by entering the credentials from your Gusto App for both Client ID and Client Secret, clicking the ‘Enabled’ toggle, and then click 'Save Integration'.

That's all that is required, now your clients can integrate their accounts via StackOne's integration with Gusto!

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