Ensure you have Admin privileges for your Lever account.

If you’ve been directed to StackOne to integrate with Lever, the following steps will help you understand the process and any necessary actions to configure successful integration.

Login to your Lever account


Start the login process

Click the Connect button to start the login process.

Connect Button

Enter your credentials

Enter your Lever credentials or use one of the sign-in options available that are connected to your Lever account.

Login Page

Accept the Scopes required for the connection

StackOne uses the following scopes to access data in your Lever account on behalf of the tool or platform you’re integrating Lever with:

  • View Archived-Reasons
  • View Candidates Interviews
  • View Candidates Notes
  • View All Opportunities
  • View All Postings
  • View All Stages
  • View All Users
  • View Opportunitie's Contacts
  • Offline Access allows us to refresh the login details so that the account doesn’t have to be re-authenticated regularly.

To continue, Accept the requested scopes.

Scopes Page

Congratulations, you’re all set! If you face any issues with the steps mentioned above, please contact us by emailing integrations@stackone.com. We’re always here to assist you!