The following guidance assumes you have Admin privileges for your Ashby account.

Generating an API Key


and open Integrations

Sign in to your account and click the Admin

button on the top bar.

In the left menu bar, click on Integrations to expand the menu and then click on API Keys.

API Keys page

Add a new API key

Click on the

New button to create a new API Key and name it appropriately.

API Keys page

Select the Appropriate API Scopes

In Choose API Scopes, select the required permissions for this API Key. For the ATS integration, Read and Write permissions are required for the modules listed below. Enable these selections shown and listed below, then press Save and Continue.

API Key dialog
  1. Jobs
  2. Candidates
  3. Interviews
  4. Hiring Process Metadata
  5. Organization
  6. Offers
  7. Api Keys
  8. Approvals
  9. Other Permission Settings: Allow access to confidential jobs?

Copy the API key to clipboard

Copy your new API Key to a safe place to be used in the next step. Click Copy and Close in the bottom right once complete.

API Key dialog

Use the API Key in the StackOne Hub

Upon reaching the Link Account page, enter the generated API key and proceed by clicking the Connect button.

Access Token Created

Congratulations, you’re all set! If you face any issues with the steps mentioned above, please contact us by emailing We’re always here to assist you!