Ensure you have Admin privileges for your Braze account.

If you’ve been directed to StackOne to integrate with Braze, the following steps will help you understand the process and any necessary actions to configure successful integration.

Finding your Instance URL


Login to Braze dashboard

Login to your Braze dashboard.


Note the subdomain

Note the subdomain in your browser’s URL bar (e.g., dashboard-03).


Check endpoints table

Check the endpoints table on this Endpoints page.


Select and copy Rest Endpoint

Select and copy the Rest Endpoint that matches your subdomain under URL. E.g., if our subdomain is dashboard-03, the rest endpoint would be https://rest.iad-03.braze.com

Endpoints Table

Generating your API Key


Navigate to API Keys

On the Braze dashboard, select Settings from the left menu and choose API Keys.

API Keys

Create New API Key

Select Create New API Key.

Create New API Key

Enter API Key Name

Enter any API Key Name.


Enable Permissions

Enable the following permissions:

  • campaigns.list
  • campaigns.details
API Key Permissions
  • templates.email.create
  • templates.email.update
  • templates.email.info
  • templates.email.list
API Key Permissions

Save API Key

Select Save API Key.


Copy the API Key

Your newly created API key will be listed under the Rest API Keys table. Copy the Identifier from the table. This will be your API Key.

API Key Table

Linking Braze to StackOne

Upon reaching the Link Account page, enter the gathered details and proceed by clicking the Connect button.

Link Account

Congratulations, you’re all set! If you face any issues with the steps mentioned above, please contact us by emailing integrations@stackone.com. We’re always here to assist you!