This guidance assumes you have Admin privileges for your Workday account.

Finding your Workday Tenant


Log into Workday

Log into your Workday account. Look at the address bar at the top of the browser window where the URL is displayed. Find your tenant immediately after

Workday Tenant

Finding the Web Services Endpoint


Go to Public Web Services

Go to the Public Web Services report.

Learning Web Service

Find Learning

Find Learning and hover over it to be able to interact with the menu. Via the three-dots menu, go to Web Service and click on View WSDL (note that the page may take a minute to fully load).

WSDL Service

Search for wsdl:service

Search for wsdl:service in the file OR navigate directly to the very bottom of the page. You should see something like this:

WSDL Service

Copy everything before service in the location attribute. In the example tenant above, this would be but it may be different for your tenant (e.g.,

Set up an Integration System User


Search for Create Integration System User

Log in to your Workday tenant in the Workday portal. In the Search field, search for “Create Integration System User”.

Create Integration System User

Choose the Task

Choose the “Create Integration System User” task.


Enter Account Information

Enter a username and password in the Account Information section on the “Create Integration System User” page.

Account Information

Click OK

Add the Integration System User to a Security Group


Search for Create Security Group

In the Search field, search for “Create Security Group”. Select the “Create Security Group” task.

Create Security Group

Select Security Group Type

On the “Create Security Group” page, select “Integration System Security Group” from the Type of Tenanted Security Group pull-down menu. Enter a name in the Name field.

Security Group Type

Click OK

Click OK.


Edit Integration System Security Group

On the “Edit Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained)” page, enter the same name you used when creating the ISU in the first section. Click OK.

Configure Domain Security Policy Permissions


Edit Permissions

Edit the Domain Security Policy Permissions in the Security Group. Add the GET and PUT/MANAGE operations for the following required permissions for the Learning Core:

For integrating with the Learning Core of Workday

  • Set Up: Learning Catalog
  • Reports: Learning Record
  • Manage: Learning Content

Approve the Security Policy Changes


Search for Activate Pending Security Policy Changes

In the Search bar, search for “Activate Pending Security Policy Changes”. Review the policies that need approval in the summary of the changes in the security policy. Approve the pending security policy changes to activate them.

Linking to StackOne

You can use the Tenant and System User credentials you created in steps 1 & 2 to link Workday.

Link to StackOne

Congratulations, you’re all set! If you face any issues with the steps mentioned above, please contact us by emailing We’re always here to assist you!