How to connect Zelt via the StackOne Hub

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If you've been directed to StackOne to integrate with Zelt, the following steps will help you understand the process and any necessary actions to configure successful integration.

Step 1: Generate a Zelt Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Within Zelt, click on Settings in the lower left corner

  2. Under Settings > Organisation, click Security

  3. Next to Developer hub, click the Generate button

  4. In the view that appears, enter the following -

    1. Name: e.g. "StackOne Service Credentials"

    2. Description: e.g. "Service authorization for StackOne integration"

    3. Redirection URI: https://api.stackone.com/connect/oauth2/zelt/callback

    4. Press the Generate button at the bottom of the view

  5. A window will appear with the authorization credentials. Copy each of the generated values, and store them in a safe place:

    1. App ID

    2. Client ID

    3. Client Secret

Step 2: Connecting with StackOne

Upon reaching the Link Account page, enter the Client ID and Client Secret generated in the previous step.

Proceed by clicking the Connect button.

🎉 Congratulations, you're all set! If you face any issues with the steps mentioned above, please contact us via the live chat button or by emailing integrations@stackone.com. We're always here to assist you!

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